About Us

While the 20th century is still the recent past for furniture lovers, some of the pieces designed by post-war designers have already reached the status of antiques. For more than fifteen years, these historical objects have fueled our passion for vintage furniture. Raul Sousa Design offers a careful selection of rarities and original pieces from some of the best international designers. Get to know him a little closer.

About Raul

Raul Sousa has been involved in the import and restoration of vintage furniture for more than twenty years and chose to install his new project, Antiquário do Século XX, at Rua do Almada 154, in downtown Porto. Here he installed one of the most vibrant Vintage stores in the country and where it reflects centuries of the history of furniture design. they offer us the choice to take home the pieces that decorate it. Inspired by Tom Ford, his imaginary often refers to the 2009 film “A Singular Man” inspiring him in the environments he creates, in the design furniture pieces he chooses and also in the work ethic guided by quality standards close to perfection.

Besides several collaborations with architecture studios, concept restaurants and charm hotels, Raul Sousa owns the background and experience of opening eight stores dedicated exclusively to Vintage design.

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